Trademark Registration

Documents Required

  • Pan Card of Applicant and Authorized Signatory
  • TM 48 Power of Attorney
  • Logo if any in JPG format
  • List of goods or services for which registration is required

Rs. 4,500/- + Govt. Fees

Process Involved:

  • Documentation – Client has to provide Required documents for processing
  • Trademark Search - Trademark is checked for availability
  • Application - Application is prepared and sent to client for approval
  • Client Confirmation - Client approved the application content
  • Submission of Application - Application is submitted to the department
  • Certificate - Approval of Trademark may take upto 18-24 Months. Certificate will be sent to client directly by department

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, one who has filed an application (pending registration) can use the TM (trademark) designation with the mark to alert the public of his/her exclusive claim. The claim may or may not be valid. The registration symbol, ®, shall only be used when the mark is registered.

It is provided under the Trade Marks Act,1999 that goods and services are classified according to the International Classification of goods and services. Currently schedule IV of the Act provides a summary of list of such goods and services falling in different classes which is merely indicative. The Registrar is the final authority in the determination of the class in which particular goods or services fall. The Schedule IV of the Act is annexed at the end of this questionnaire on trade marks. For detailed description of other goods and services please refer to the International Classification published by WIPO or contact the local office for assistance.

Trademark registration can be a complex process; an experienced agent can save you time and money by avoiding pitfalls such as poorly prepared applications and improper research. However, the prime reason for hiring an experienced Agent is his ability to address concerns of the Trade Marks office. If you fail to respond correctly, your application will likely fail. For a more detailed description read Trademarks explained.